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You must be a registered user to play the game. If you have not already done so, set up a free account by choosing NEW PLAYER? REGISTER HERE

If you have an account, you must be logged in before you can start or resume playing. Once logged in you will not need to login again unless you manually log out.


When you are logged in, you will see a list of games. If there are no games you can start your own by selecting CREATE GAME.

To create a game you can select an opponent from your device contacts or by searching the GoneWild registered users.

If someone starts a game with you, you will receive a NOTIFICATION in the NOTIFICATION bar of the device. Click the NOTIFICATION to start the app.


By selecting cards from your hand and placing them on the game board, your objective is to create lines of five of the same colored chip. The chips can be arranged vertically, horizontally or diagonally on the board.

To win, you must score TWO lines before the other player.

You will receive 7 cards in your hand. Jacks GoneWild uses a shuffled deck made from two standard card decks, one hundred cards in all excluding Jokers. Expect to see two identical cards in your hand from time to time!

There are chips already placed in the four corners of the game board. Both players can use them as their color chip. When using the corners, only four of your chips are needed to complete a line of chips. Both players can use the same corner in a line.


Once a game begins, the YOUR MOVE message will tell you when it is your turn to make a move and when other players are making their moves.

To begin your move, touch a card of your choice from your hand on the right hand panel and then touch the matching card on the game board. You can also drag the card to the matching card on the board and release it.

Each card appears twice on the game board. There are no Jacks on the game board - to see why, keep reading!

You can place a chip on either of the board cards as long as it is not already taken.

The last move played by any player is highlighted in yellow on the board. The highlighted space will either show the new chip or be empty if a one-eyed Jack was played.

Play proceeds until one player achieves TWO lines. That player wins the game.

You can use any one of the chips from your first line as part of a second line.

When the Jacks Gone Wild deck has been completely used, the system automatically shuffles all used cards to create a new deck.


The four jacks with ONE EYE are REMOVERS. To use a one-eyed Jack, place it on an existing chip that has been placed by the other player. The other player's chip will be removed!

You cannot remove a chip that is already part of a completed line of 5 chips.

The Jacks with TWO EYES are wild cards. On small devices, the wild Jacks are annotated with 'JGW'.
To use a two-eyed Jack, place it on the game board anywhere there is an empty space.

After playing a few moves you'll soon see how powerful the Jacks are!


If you have a card in your hand which is not available on the board, you have a REDUNDANT CARD and you can replace it with a new card.

Select the card, then click the TRASH CAN button and the system will automatically replace the card. You can only do this once per turn.

You can play your regular move after exchanging the redundant card.

If you do not have any redundant cards and there are no matching cards on the board, touch the Pass button. This will continue the game with the opponent's move.


You can cancel a game by long-pressing it in the game list. Choose CANCEL to end the game. The game will also be canceled if it has not started and you decline an invitation to play it.

CANCELED and FINISHED games can be reviewed in the OLD GAMES screen. They can be permanently deleted from here by long-pressing and selecting DELETE.

Use the SETTINGS screen to configure desired update frequencies for new games and for moves during a game.

You can force a refresh at any time by touching the REFRESH button. You must be connected to a network to receive updates from your opponent.

You can reorder your cards to your liking by touching and holding a card and dragging it to the new position. The new order is maintained the next time you open the game.

The game board will reconfigure when moving from portrait to landscape. You may see different representations of the cards to match the available space on the screen.

You can change your password by selecting the MY ACCOUNT screen from the menu.

It is not recommended to modify the SERVER SETTINGS. If this happens, you can reset the defaults by logging out and selecting RESET DEFAULTS on the log in screen.

Now, let's GET WILD...

Android app on Google Play